102nd. Regiment of Foot button circa 1861 -1870’s Royal Madras Fusiliers, subsequently becoming the Royal Dublin Fusiliers (1706132 cu)


Cuff or epaulet button worn by an enlisted man in the Royal Madras Fusiliers. The button dates to circa 1861. In 1881 the Regiment became the 1st Battalion the Royal Dublin Fusiliers. This brass button is in superb condition. I have a few of these in stock should you require more than one.

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This button was worn by a private or non commissioned officer in the Royal Madras Fusiliers circa 1861 -1881. In 1881 the Royal Madras Fusiliers became the 1st Battalion of the Royal Dubln Fusiliers.

The button has a Victorian crown above a tiger ( subsequently used by the R.Dub. Fus.) and the numerals “102”. The button circumference has the words ROYAL MADRAS FUSILIERS.

The examples on offer here are all in superb condition and with a small clean/polish would form a great addition to any Irish related collection.

The button measures about 18mms in diameter.