18th Royal Irish Regiment, an original cap badge circa 1902 -1922. (1903033)


Here we have a fine original cap badge worn by an enlisted man in the Royal Irish Regiment. Most likely the badge dates to the era of the Great War or the decade prior to this world conflict.

Guaranteed original and in very good condition.

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This is a superb example of the other ranks cap badge to the 18th Royal Irish. It is die struck in brass and has a nice patina. It comprises an Irish harp with the gaps between the voided strings (this is a good indication on all authentic badges to this regiment).

Above the harp is a king’s crown – dating the peice to the post 1902 era. As the regiment was disbanded in 1922, the cap badge could not have been made after that date. The base of the badge has the words “THE ROYAL IRISH REGIMENT”.

There is a slider to reverse, this is to secure the badge onto a service cap. At the top of the slider is a circular piece of brass wire, its function is to strengthen the piece at its weakest point.. Again this is very encouraging to see as such feaures only appear on original items.

Other noteworthy indicators of the authenticity of the badge is the existance of a void or gap between the top of the harp and the bottom of the crown.

This is a great original item form the oldeest of the disbanded Irish Regiment. See images for more detail.