19th century, Irish Livery buttons 3 large & 1 small) (1706140 cu)


Four beautiful buttons, great quality and condition, silver plated livery buttons: all unrehearsed.

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Two of the silvered buttons are very large, each measuring about 26mms.
The one with the cat? on it is also very large being about 24mms.

Two of the buttons are maker marked “Foley and Croker Dublin”
The other large one is maker marked “Firmin & ons Ld. 153 Strand London”
Yes, that is not a typo on my part, it is incorrectly spelt “ons”. This in itself is an interesting feature of the button.

The small button with the deer on the obverse is made by “Firmins Ld. London”. This button measures about 14mms in diameter.