55th55th (Westphalian) Infantry, Prussian Pickelhaube, dated 1906. (1906071)


Genuinely, authentic and original Prussian State Pickelhaube, dated 1906.

This spiked helmet is in nice original condition. The piece makes a great display item that pre dates the Great War.

Specifically, this pickelhaube can be not only dated to 1906 but is also attributable to a specific regiment of the Prussian Imperial army. See images and description for more details.

A real sleeper, recently sourced from Germany and fresh to the market. It is set at an attractive price. A great investment piece with subsidised shipping worldwide.

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The black leather skull is in very sturdy condition, the leather is solid and with no damage or soft spots to the skull. There is some minor loss to the patent leather finish – that can be seen in the images. There is no crazing (fine cracks) or bubbling to the skull, except, to a very minor extent, on the peak. Neither is there any bubbling caused by exposure to heat. A remarkable piece of preservation on a pickelhaube that dates back to 1906 !

The fittings are all brass. The brass spike and plates, I believe, have never been removed from the helmet since the time it was first assembled. The black, white and red metal cokcade is original as found on the right hand side of the helmet. The left hand side cockade is no longer present – this however can be easily replaced.

The spike has a minor hole at the very top. It has been suggested that this was sometimes done by the soldier to increase the internal air flow/ventilation. However, I have an open mind on this theory !

The Prussian State helmet plate is a lovely brass striking with crisp detail and a clearly visible “MIT-GOTT-PUR-KONIG-UND-VATERLAND. The orb is missing from the right hand side of the plate. At some stage the helmet was re-badged with this plate as two additional holes are visible on the skull. However, as is evident from the stamp on the back leather skirt, this was always a Prussian State pieckelhaube.

On the leather neck piece located at the back of the pickelhaube, it is possible to see the black ink stamp with the date “1906” and the numerals/letters “Z” of possibly “2” – “R 55”. This is quite faint but is visible once you angle the helmet in the light.

The black leather lining on this helmet is guaranteed original to the piece. The liner is in remarkably great, soft, supple condition.

This would make a great investment piece. The price of Pickelhaubes in recent times has increased considerably and are now becomingly increasingly difficult to source.