A beautiful button to the Royal Kilmainham Hospital. (1905059)


The Royal Hospital was a Dublin based retirement home for old soldiers rather than a hospital or infirmary. The R.K.I served as a retirement home for military pensioners from 1684 until 1927.

In the 19th century, the military significance of this beautiful building (which can be visited when in Dublin) was greatly enhanced when it became the residence and headquarters of the Commander-in-Chief of the British army in Ireland.

The gilt button on offer here has a Victorian crown above the letters “R.K.I”

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The Royal Hospital at Kilmainham Dublin was inspired by ‘Les Invalides’ in Paris which opened as Louis XIV’s home for army pensioners. The dress of the pensioners was very similar to that worn by the Chelsea Pensioners.

This button is in almost mint condition, it retains all its gilt finish. The button is of teh open backed style with copper tang for securing the button to the pensioner’s scarlet coloured coat.

It has the letters R.K.I. whcih stand for Royal Kilmainham Infermary. This Victorain button is about 18mms in diameter.