A beautiful, little, 1917-1918 War, Commemorative Medal to the Leinster Regiment. (2007057)


An exceptional medallion to the Leinster Regiment, from the Great War era.

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This is a small, round, dark bronze medal with colourful white, green, blue and red enamel. The enamel is still in very good condition as is the medal itself.

The badge has a King’s crown inlaid with red enamel. The central feature is the Prince of Wales’es plumes with a white enamel background. Surrounding the plumes and set in blue enamel is the regimental name of the Leinster Regiment. Various battle honours are set beneath in a green enamel backing.

Towards the top of this medal we have the dates of 1914 & 1918.

The back of the badge is plain with the exception of a maker’s name “Gamage London” The firm of Gamage dates from 1870 and is still in existence. Gamage originally traded as a specialist watch and clock outlet. This would lead me to believe that this particular piece of Leinster Regiment memorabilia was intended as a watch fob.

Overall, the fob is in very good condition.