A classic, Victorian era. other ranks. brass cap badge of the Connaught Rangers. (2002006)


A lovely example of an enlisted man’s cap badge once worn by a soldier of the Devil’s Own, Connaught Rangers prior to 1903.

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Lieutenant Colonel Jourdain of the Connaught Rangers in his History of the Regiment (Vol. 2) describes a badge identical to this as a “CAP BADGE – RANK and FILE 1894-1903
This badge is an original item from the late Victorian era and is not under any circumstances a copy or a re-strike. It has the correctly voided harp strings and a gap below the crown/above the harp. It is also die struck and not cast like many of the copies.
Originally, this badge had its two lugs placed East-West on the reverse of the scroll. However, at some stage the lugs were re-aligned to a North/South position on the badge reverse. This seems to be a contemporary and pragmatic adjustment. The lugs when cut were re-secured in the new position and re fixed securely in a North/South location on the badge reverse.
This badge has a lovely browny/brass patina,a quality piece and listed to sell at an attraictive price.