A, D.M.P. book, “Dublin Police Carriage Fares and Bye.Laws 1919” (1808075)


This is a hard covered book that was used by a member of the Dublin Metropolitan Police from 1919. It was subsequently used in 1924 by a member of the Póilini Átha Cliath. Worthy of more research. For greater detail click on the images and read the detailed description below.

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Besides all the interesting transport bye laws included in the book, it also has other interesting features as well.
First there is a very interesting and detailed map of Dublin with the policing boundaries of the city.
We also have the number of the original DMP man that was issued the book. This is stamped on the inside back cover “D.M.P. 7493”.
We also have the handwritten name and date “June 18th 1924 Patrick Wright” Was this gentleman the same 7493 D.M.P. man who continued in the force or was this a re-issue to a different member of the Póilini Átha Cliath in 1924.

Certainly there is great opportunities for further research.
There is 147 pages of print in this 1919 issue. Sizewise the book is 15.5cms X 10.5cms.

The book has some very interesting details about hackneys and carriages in the city. It lists the stands for hackney carriages throughout the city as well as hazards, distances etc. A great piece of social history relating to dublin transport during the first two decades of the 20th century.