A German, Third Reich RAD Cap Insignia (1901004)


A nice, original example of unissued RAD cap insignia !! It comes from a piece of a factory roll designed to produce RAD insignia during the Second World War..

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This is an original machine woven segment of material comprising RAD insignia. The classic RAD insignia consists of a shovel, Swastika etc and this example is still on the original tan rayon factory roll.

The factory roll under the RAD insignia has machine woven white script which includes “RAJD” in an inverted triangle, “Ges. Gesch” indicating, Gesetzlich Geschützt (Protected by Law), and manufacturers initials, “G.N.”.

This is a very interesting example of an original Third Reich piece of insignia that also shows some elements of the manufacturing processes and maker’s details as well.

Very good condition with minor signs of age. This fine and interesting example measures about 5cms X 5cms.