A good example of a feather bonnet. (2008062)


This would be ideal for display or with a bit of restoration work could still be worn. See description and images for more details.

Shipping costs are subsidised on this item, at only €5 ! Unfortunately I am unable to ship to Australia at the moment as there are no flights out of the Irish Republic to Australia due to Covid 19.

Shipping to Europe and North America is no problem.

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I acquired this bonnet here in Ireland. I was told that it was worn in Ireland but I am not sure was it a military piper’s/drummer’s bonnet or what. In any case, it serves as a great restoration piece.

This is a genuine ostrich feather bonnet. Look at the images to see it in detail. This is a good size and should fit any head. I think it may be an adjustable size in any case. It has a white and red chequered band and black cockade where a badge can be placed. It also has a number of feathered tails.

The internal red lining is now loose and would need to be re-secured internally. It must have been stored for a while in a damp area as there is a little mould on the leather liner and chin strap. This can be easily cleaned off.

All the ostrich feathers are secure and in good condition.

The bonnet has a used appearance but regarding date, I’m unsure.