A good original Royal Munster Fusilier’s officer’s fur hat (busby) ornament. (1908101)


This is an original large Royal Munster Fusiliers, officer type flaming grenade. This lavishly decorated, large, multi – piece construction badge was worn on an officer’s full dress Busby.

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This badge (also known in Victorain times as a fur hat ornament) is in very good condition. It has a silver central shield with three seperately applied crowns (depticing the Privence of Munster). A circular band around the circumference (again a seperately applied piece) contains numerous battle honours won by the Royal Munster Fusiliers and its predecessors. At the bottom of the grenade is a silver scroll with the words “ROYAL MUNSTER”

The reverse of the badge has four prongs which easily bend in order to secure to a busby.

Overall, this beautuful piece of Irish Regimental Victorian militaria is in good condition with some evident signs of service wear with loss to gilt particularly around the area where the battle honours are. The prongs on the back are fully intact with the exception of one prong where a piece of it has broken off. Rarely have I seen these scarce badges with fully intact prongs !

This is a lovely item relating to the Royal Munster Fusiliers which would make a great investment piece. Guaranteed original, I have had this particular piece in my personal collection for well over 20 plus years.

This badge measures about 9.5cms high.