A great example of an original Connaught Rangers swagger stick (1904057)


Original Connaught Rangers swagger stick, great condition and a wonderful addition to any militaria collection.

Please read the description and view the images for more information.

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This is a Connaught Rangers swagger stick. It is in very good condition. The white metal top has the badge of the Connaught Rangers. This silvery looking fitting has at its top a King’s crown (dating the piece to 1902 – 1922), a harp and under the harp is a scroll with the words “CONNAUGHT RANGERS”. This top piece is in very good condition with no dents.

Next is the long, light weight bamboo shaft. The overall length of the whole swagger stick from top to bottom is just a few mms under 69cms. The wooden shaft is in very good condition and is tan in colour. There is slight fading half way down the shaft, this is where it would have been gripped by the Connaught Ranger when walking with it under his arm.

The bottom of the shaft has a white metal tip, with a few dents in it. See photos for better detail.