A Victorian, scarlet frock coat belonging to a soldier pensioner from the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin. (1801039)


Highly desirable, collectible Victorian, era frock coat (in need of some restoration) worn in Dublin by a member of the Royal Hospital at Kilmainham – known in the 19th and early 20th centruy as the Royal Hospital Kilmainham.

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Overall, this frock coat is in very good condition. It retains six of its original Victorian crowned brass “RKI” buttons. With a little effort the purchaser will be able to source the required number of replacement buttons.

The top of the collar is in need of a re-stitch. There is a 1.cm “L” shaped rip on the tunic front, this requires some invisible stitching to fully restore. The internal lining is in very good condition – the hem is in need of being turned up and re-stitched.

This is a wonderful and rare item, in need of some restoration. Such items as these are exceptionally rare on the market.