An Cosantoir – Irish Naval Service – April 1973 edition (2301001)


This edition of the Defense Forces Journal for April of 1973 deals exclusively with the history of our Naval Service, interesting material and illustrations. See description for more information on the content of this useful reference publication.

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The journal contains almost 50 pages covering a range of articles relating to our nautical history in Ireland.
There is an interesting article entitled “Thank God we are surrounded by water” written by Capt. T McKenna commanding officer of the Naval Service in 1973. This extensive article covers the history of the navy from the Treaty period in 1922 up to the early 1970’s.
Two full pages cover the insignia and uniforms of the naval service, illustrated by F. Glenn Thompson.
Other articles include the Coastal and Marine Service 1923-1924, Fishery Protection, Port Control, Slua Muiri etc.

Overall condition of the journal is very good. No loose pages. Slight dent on pages particularly at front, about square.