An Cosantóir – Oct. 11, 1941, Irish Emergency period issue. (1607076)


A second world war (Irish emergency period) edition of An Cosantóir, dated October 11th 1941. A great, insightful read relating to Irish military matters in Ireland. 24 pages in total. In addition is a loose sheet (4 pages) from an unknown edition of An Cosantóir relating the Guerrilla warfare in the 20th century.

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Formerly known as An tÓglach, An Cosantóir is the official magazine/newsletter/journal of the Irish Defence Forces. This is a particularly attractive and historically interesting document dated October 11th 1941, it contains a great deal of information that gives a unique perspective on the Irish military establishment during the Emergency period in Ireland. Also of interest are a series of advertisements at the time.
Some of the articles include
– Rapid bridge demolition in modern warfare
-What would you have done – all about a military scenario and how you as a battalion commander would handle it.
-Tanks against Warsaw, the psychology of tank attacks and the difficulties of tank operations in large populated areas.
-German armoured unit successes
-Engineers in modern war.
-Men, guns and morale.
-A soldiers letter, bogs, bivouacs and beetles.
-L.D.F. notes, etc etc.
Also included in this is a loose sheet from a different edition of An Cosantóir which is an interesting article on 20th century irregulars and guerrilla warfare

This copy of An Cosantóir is in good condition. The upper top edge has missing paper from cover to page nine but with no loss to text.