An original, Victorian helmet plate, worn by enlisted members of the Connaught Rangers. (2002012)


Large sized Connaught Rangers helmet plate. This Victorian badge was worn on the front of the Home Service Spiked (Blue Cloth) helmet of the rank and file members of the Connaught Rangers.

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This is an original helmet plate and is not one of the reproductions that appar on the market. It is clearly original as it is ligher in weight than the fakes. It also has a crisp profile and as previously stated it is die struck from brass. Many copies are very well produced but normally cast in brass and not dye struck. Finally, the helmet plate retains a beautiful patina on both pieces. Such an original patina can not be faked by artificially ageing the metal.

This Connaught Rangers helemt plate comprises of two pieces. First, we have the standard brass die struck backing plate. This backing plate has a Queen Victoria crown, thus dating the piece to 1881 -1902. The round centre piece has a central harp, regimental motto “Quis Separabit” and this is surrounded by the words “CONNAUGHT RANGERS”

Uncleaned and beautifully patinated in a rich dark coppery/bronze colour, I’d advise the purchaser to retain as is and not polish. However, that is a personal choice.

The central roundal retains all 3 copper retaining hoops to reverse. The backing plate is now missing its two hoops on the back.

This is an excellent example of an other ranks helmet plate from the late Vicorian era of the Connaught Rangers.