Boer War Medal Pair, Frank Poynton, Royal Munster Fusiliers (1510309)


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A very interesting Boer War pair of medals, QSA/KSA all officially named and numbered to 5871 Pte. F. Poynton RL. MUNSTER FUS.

FRANCIS (Frank) POYNTON was attested in Tralee Co. Kerry for service in the Royal Munster Fusiliers on 13th May 1898. He was 19 years and six months old at the time, having been born in 1879. He was born in Dublin.

Poynton’s attestation documents show that he was given the regimental number 5871, and he served with the Royal Munster Fusiliers until 1910 when he retired – time expired.

Prior to joining the Royal Munster Fusiliers as a regular full time soldier, he gave his previous trade as that of a labourer. However, he did have previous military service, he served in a militia battalion of the Munsters and he was still a member of the militia up until the date he joined the regular army.

At 19 and a half years of age Frank stood 5foot 6 inches high, fresh complexion, blue eyes and brown hair. He had no tattoos or scars. His religion was that of a Roman Catholic.

Private Poynton’s records indicate that he was a good soldier as is indicated by him receiving good conduct pay on several occasions in the early 1900’s. He transferred to the army reserve in 1906 and was fully discharged from military service in 1910.

The military history sheet for this Royal Munster Fusilier indicates that he say service in South Africa during the Boer War from 24/08/1899 to 22/09/1902. Private Poynton went directly from South Africa for further overseas service in the East Indies where he remained until 16/12/1905. At this stage he returned home.

His papers confirm his medal entitlement: King’s South Africa medal 1901-1902, and Queen’s South Africa medal with 3 bars for C.Colony, O.F. State and Transvaal.

Poynton gives his sister’s name as Mary Poynton. He also married in Donaghmore on 20th January 1906. His wife’s name was Ellen Buckley.

There is enough documentary evidence here to form the basis for further research including marriage records, census returns, overseas service with the Royal Munsters in South Africa and East Indies. A stamp on his record from Chelsea dated 10th Feb.1944 is a possible indicator towards his date of death.
The medals are in great condition. A soft copy of his service papers can be emailed if required to the purchaser.