Connaught Rangers cap badge (variation) and button. (1702077)


Nice original Connaughts die struck cap badge (enlisted mens’ type). It has in interesting modification on reverse. The badge comes with a post 1902 Connaught Ranger’s officer type button.

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Here we have for sale a good quality die struck brass cap badge worn by an enlisted man in the Connaught Rangers. This is the post 1902 King’s crown version of the badge. It also comes with a large Connaught Ranger officer’s button.

The badge has a slider to rare and the badge is correctly voided in all the right places, ie under the crown and also has correctly voided harp strings. This is quite an interesting example as it appears that this badge originally had lugs. You will see on the badge reverse at either side of the tip of the scroll, that the lugs were professionally cut away. A slider was then put on instead.

This appears to be a contemporary modification replacing the lugs with the slider. Sliders came into use shortly after the Boer war circa 1902/3.

This is quite an interesting variation in Connaught Ranger cap badge design and something that was done well over 100 years ago. It is my opinion that some older C.R. cap badges were re-fitted in the early years of the 20th century with the more convenient slider backing. None the less, this badge will make an interesting talking point to the discerning Connaught Ranger collector.