Extremerly rare, hall marked silver/gilt Irish Army Chaplain’s Collar from the Emergency period. (2007060)


A rare opportunity to acquire an Irish Army Chaplain’s collar badge, with Irish silver hallmarks for 1942. This silver and gilt badge was once worn by a Chaplain who served with the Irish Defence Forces during the Emergency period (1939/46).
As there was only something in the region of 60 or so Chaplain’s medals issued in 1946 to Irish Defence Forces military Chaplains, this indicates the rarity of the Emergency period Chaplain’s collar badge on offer here. A scarce survivor from the Emergency.
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This uniquely decorative collar badge has a light gilt wash over the silver badge, the central Chalice remains silver to allow it stand out.

This badge has a date stamp “A” for 1942. It has Irish silver hall marks and was made by the Jewellery and Metal Company.

The base of the collar badge carries the Latin expression ” Fide Et Patria”

An exceptional piece. Please contact me if you have any queries.