Garda Siotcána Small Helmet Plate & Motor Cycle Pattern type helmet badge. (1502158)


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A rare and highly desirable piece of Irish policing history.

This is a medium sized Garda helmet plate, commonly but somewhat inaccurately described by collectors as the “motor cycle helmet” badge.

While collectors are of course correct that this badge was worn by Garda motorcyclists on their helmets, it was infact first worn on the six panel Garda “Bobby” style helmet in the late 1940’s/50’s. I would argue that this type of badge would more accurately be described as the last pattern Garda helmet plate. . There is photographic evidence to support this proposal.

The helmet plate on offer here measures 5.5cms in diameter. A standard Garda cap badge is 4.2 cms in diameter. The badge is in excellent condition.