Irish Police “Half Crown” award tokens, an interesting set of items from a by gone era . (2008064)


These are reward tokens to be redeemed for cash at the local RIC/DMP/Garda Station.

One oval brass “award” key ring and another circular ring. Both items are obsolete Irish Police related items.

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The oval brass key disk is most likely either from the Royal Irish Constabulary of Dublin Metropolitan Police. This item certainly pre-dates the setting up of the Civic Guards in 1922. The ring states the following:

Whoever finds this key or bunch of keys will be entitled to 2/6d on taking it to the nearest police station

The back of the oval disk is stamped “27”

The second key ring is a bit later. It reads:

Reward 2/6d Apply Garda Station

The back of this circular brass disk is stamped with the numeral “4”.