Irish Seven Years Service Medal. (1901018)


Here we have a now obsolete medal that was issued for seven years service in “AN FORSA COSANTA AITUIL” (F.C.A)
or “AN SLUA MUIRI” (S.M.). These Gaelic terms refer to the Irish army and naval reserve.

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A most attractive medal awared after seven years service in the Irish Reserves.

Thr medal obverse depicts the figure of an ancient Irish Foot Soldier/ “Kern” with a spear and shield in his hands.

The legend surrounding the medal obverse is “FAIRE BIODGAC TUS NA SAOIRSE” which in English means “VIGILANCE IS THE PRICE OF FREEDOM.

The medal reverse has the Gaelic inscription “AN BONN SEIRBHÍSE FCA . SM” The medals were issued unnamed.

The medal ribbon signifies that it was awarded after seven years good conduct and service. The ribbon is blue with vertical yellow stripes to the edges.

The medal is suspended by a pin-back brooch bearing the words “SEIRBIS”.

The medal has a lovely gilt appearance and is in excellent condition.