Japanese, 1937-1945 China Incident, War Medal With Case of Issue (2007038)


This fine Japanese award was instituted in 1939 and awarded to Japanese soldiers who departed for service in the war against China. The medal is in very good condition and is contained in its original case. See images and description for further details.

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This is a bronze coloured medal. The reverse of the medal has three stylized mountain peaks and stylized water which is against a row of four kanji characters. These Japanese characters translate – “China Incident.” There is a swiveling hanger which is connected to the top of the medal bar, through which the ribbon passes.

The face of the bar is embossed with a row of four kanji characters which translate – “War Medal”.

The medal and ribbon are nested securely when placed into the corresponding depressions in the navy blue interior base of its original presentation case. The exterior of the hard case is covered in leatherette, which also forms a hinge connecting the cover along its upper side to its base. Stamped, in silver, on the cover is the name of the award in a column of eight kanji characters.

The medal is in very good condition, the case shows some wear to the edges.