Kilkenny Militia (4th Battalion, 18th Royal Irish) Dance Card from 1908. (2008075)


What an interesting piece of local history relating to the former Kilkenny Militia. A dance card dated 2nd November 1908.

The card lists the Programme for the 4th Battalion Regimental dinner dance on the night of November 2nd 1908. On the opposite side of the card is a list of 20 Engagements for the dances that night.

All 20 names filled in, so obviously the lady who had this card on the night of the Regimental Supper Dance was kept on her feet throughout the evening.

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The card is in very good condition. It has some staining and 2 stickers that were used to retain it at some stage for display.

The names on the right hand side are all written in the same hand (presumably the lady who had the card on the night). The names are written in pencil.

This card would make a great research piece. Details of the event may have been reported in the local papers and I’m sure research could be done on some of the names listed in the “ENGAGEMENTS” section.

This is a unique record of an historical social and military event from the early 20th century, well over a 100 years ago.