Large original, 2nd Battalion, 18th Royal Irish Regiment photograph. (2008078)


Rare and as far as I’m aware, a previously unpublished sepia toned photograph of the officers and men, including the band of the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Irish Regiment. This photograph dates from the early 1900’s.

There is a lot of detail in the images and under magnification great detail of the men, uniforms, instruments and insignia emerges.

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The detail on this original picture is amazing. The faces, uniforms and insignia of the group is excellent.

I have had this photograph in my collection for a long number of years. It was my intention to do some research into it. However, time is not available to me to do any research these days, so best if it goes to someone who can give it the attention it needs both as a restoration project and as a medium of research into the oldest of the disbanded Irish Regiments.

The photograph measures just under 30cms by 21cms. You will see that there is some damage particularly around the edges. There is minor loss and a few pieces detached. The photograph needs to be handled carefully and would benefit from some restoration.

Please look at the pics to see the various details of the photograph.