Na Caomhnóirí Aitiúla (Local Security Force) cap badge, 1940’s (1804051)


L.S.F. – Local Security Force cap / lapel badge worn by members of the L.S.F. in Ireland during the Emergency period (1939-46).

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This is a copper coloured metal badge with black enamel insets. It is in very good condition. The badge was worn on a cap or the lapel and was secured by a horse shoe type device to reverse.
It has a central harp with the letters “CA” at either side of the harp. The letters “CA” stand for the Gaelic words “Caomhnóirí Aitiúla”. Translated into English this means “Local Security Force”. The L.S.F. were an unarmed, part-time volunteer force that acted as a support to the Irish Police during the Emergency period in Ireland.