Nice collection of early Garda memorabilia. (2007048)


A small collection of 14 early (obsolete) Garda items. This would make a great display piece.

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Fourteen items in total on offer here, all old and no longer in use.
a. Garda Sergeant’s chevrons, comprising 3 silver wire strips on a black woolen cloth material.
b. Button: four large, all marked P&T. The Depatment of Post & Telegraphs in the early days did procurement for the police, hence the P&T stamped on the back.
c. Small Garda buttons. Four in total.
d. Garda Sergeant’s metal insignia.
e. Old Garda numerals -2-4-6-8-0.

All items are in used but very good condition. A loop is missing from one of the small buttons.