Obsolete, Early Garda Siochána waist belt clasp and leather belt (1808074)


This is an original leather belt and white metal two piece Garda buckle. A fine piece, the belt worthy of restoration. Buckle in superb condition but would benefit from a gentle clean. These belts were worn from the formation of the force until the late forties/fifties.

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An interesting piece of early Garda policing history. The white metal buckle is in great condition with virtually no wear to it. It now has a lovely patina on it but this would clean off very easily if desired to restore it to its former condition. The buckle is an elaborate piece with Celtic style designs, central intertwined “GS” and the words “Garda Síotcána na hÉireann” in old Gaelic script.

The leather belt is in sound condtion and the leather is soft and has not dried in any way over the years. The black patent finish however has bubbled and needs attention. This is typical of these belts which I guess was due to exposure to heat over the years.