Old Dublin Metropolitan Police, issued carriage plate. (1901016)


Rare Dublin Police issue carriage plate, excellent condition and a fascinating piece of Irish history.

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A most interesting piece of early Dublin policing memorabilia. This is what is commonly known as a carriage or hackney plate. They were issued in Victorian times by the Carriage Office in Dublin Castle and after the creation of An Garda Siochána in 1922 the tradition continued. A modern day parallel would be the issuing of hackney and taxi plates and other vehicle permits.

The plate on offer here is a Dublin Metropolitan Police issue. It has the Three Castles of Dublin and on either side are the letters “D” and “P” for “Dublin Police”. The driver number on this piece is “459”. The exact same design is on both sides of the plate.

The plate is beautifully produced in black and white enamel. The piece is in remarkably good condition, considering the hardships of being on a vehicle in Dublin over 100 years ago. There are a few minor chips to the enamel only at the edges.

The plate is oval shaped, being 9cms in diameter at its widest points.
This is a great historical piece of Dublin, Irish Police and Transport history from a by gone era.