Old, obselete, Irish Garda peaked cap from the early 1970’s. (1908091)


Old Garda cap and badge from 1971/72. See images and description for further details.

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A most most interesting feature of this cap is the old chromed Garda cap badge. The badge is the standard issue, old style, first pattern badge with the older spelling of the word Siocána with the “t” inserted in the middle of the word “Sio”t”cána”.

This “t” was subsequently discontinued on the later, second pattern Garda cap badges. So, in my opinion the cap badge on this cap could date from the 1920’s – 1940’s. However, it is unusual in that it is also chromed, so the badge may have been re-issued or used from early, previously unissued stock in the ’70’s.

The cap is in good condition, however, it could benefit from a little TLC. There is a slight rip in the seam/stitching at the front. The plastic peak covering is also a bit raised. The chin strap and side buttons are all intact. See images.

The cap badge has a retailer’s label of Jonathan Richard Dublin. Cap size is “7”.

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