Original and rare chromed version; Póiliní Átha Cliath waist belt clasp. (Dublin Police 1922-1925) (1808071)


This is an original chromed white metal male/female type belt clasp, worn by a member of the Dublin Police from 1922 to 1925 only. Some very minor wear to high points, a scarce and desirable piece of early Irish Free State policing history.

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With the establishment of the Irish Free State, the old Dublin Metropolitan Police continued to serve in Dublin City and were only “re-badged” in 1922. The new Póiliní Átha Cliath served in the Dublin Metropolitan area until 1925 when the force came under the jurisdiction of the Gardaí.
This original buckle dates from the 1922-25 period. It has a central Three Castles device and is surrounded by the words” Póiliní Átha Cliath”.
Totally original and and a great addition to any Irish Police collection. I have come across several early chromed Irish Police/Garda related badges. It is likley that individual members of the froce had their badges/buttons/buckles chromed or this may well have been done centrally. A chromed badge required much less cleaning than the equivalent white metal items.