Original, World War Two, German Heer Officer’s hangers for a dress dagger, (2007030)


This genuine hanger has no damage and is in good working order with a nice age patina to all exposed metal parts. Well used, this dagger hanger with zinc fittings is nicely marked. See details and images for further information.

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This German infantry officers hanger is a good original item. It would really enhance the appearance of an original dagger in terms of appearance. The spring fittings are working very well so there would be no issue with attaching this hanger to the rings on a dagger scabbard.

The zinc fittings are well marked with the letters “D. R. G. M.” stamped on each hanger clasp. The mark D. R. G. M. stands for Deutsches Reich Gebrauchs Muster , this is a German patent that was in use in Germany until the end of World War Two.

The reverse of the hangers are well fitted a with rich green velvet backing.

What delighted me in particular about this piece is that it has a lovely age patina and is clearly not a reproduction but an authentic piece from the period of the German 3rd Reich. See images for more detail.