other ranks Pickelhaube (1901029)


Here we have on offer an excellent addition to any pickelhaube or World War One collection. It is a superb, untouched Prussian reservist’s pickelhaube dated 1915, regimentally marked to the “17th Reserve Regiment” and maker stamped “Julius Jansen, Strassburg, 1915”

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This is an attractive looking, enlisted man’s/NCO’s 1915 dated pickelhaube from the Prussian State Reserve Regiment Numbrr 17. The leather body is in great condition. All of the helmet’s furniture is present and is in great condition. The brass Prussian helmet plate features a Reserve Cross cantered in the middle of the helmet plate/eagle. The cross displays the phrase “Mitt Gott für König und Vaterland.” The upper arm of the cross has broken off, this is the only piece of damage to the whole piece and could be replaced if so desired. Anecdotally, I was informed that the removal of the upper arm of the cross on Reservists helmet plates was not unusual during the Great War, apparently this was done so that the “FR” was more clearly visible.

The leather chin strap seems original to the helmet and the original Prussian State cocardes are both present and retain virtually all their paint. The brass spike at the top the helmet is not detachable.

Inside, the helmet leather liner is complete and the black leather is in great supple condition. . All of its tongues are present, as is the internal leather cord.

Internally on the rare of the visor we have faint but readable regimental markings. The black stamped markings indicate the helmet was issued to Reserve Regiment Number 17 . We also find on the inside of the helmet skull stamped on the leather a manufacturers name of “JULIUS JANSEN STRASSBURG 1915”