Royal Irish Constabulary, 1903 Visit to Ireland medal, attributed to Tipperary man, Sergeant Henry Ruttle. (1801048)


Royal Irish Constabulary 1903 Royal Visit to Ireland medal awarded to Sergeant Henry Ruttle. This bronze medal is in great condition with its original blue ribbon and original shamrock brooch suspender.

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There is only one Sergeant H. Ruttle listed, that is Herny Ruttle, born in Tipperary. His RIC service number is: 41086.

He was born in 1857 and enlisted in the RIC in 1875 at the age of 18.

RIC Pension Records indicate that he was in receipt of an annual RIC pension of £53.14 Shillings and 8 pence. This pension commenced on 11. May 1905. He was pensioned at the age of 48 and received his pension in Clonmel Co Tipperary.

In 1911, Henry Ruttle is listed on the census returns and is living with his family at 19 William Street Clonmel. We see from the census returns that he and his family were member of the Church of Ireland. His wife Sophia was 46 years old in 1911 and she was born in Co. Cavan.

In 1911 they were married for 25 years and had three children. When the census was taken in 1911, their 12 year old daughter, Susan Florence, was also in the house along with a visitor, Sarah McKay (a 21 year old unemployed book keeper). They also took in a lodger Ellen Baird who worked as a shop assistant (stationary) most likely in Clonmel.

Interestingly, from 1905 onward Henry collected his RIC pension in Clonmel. However his pension was paid from 1922 at C&E Lincln W. So, most likely due to the political situation in Ireland, he left the country.

The medal is in very good condition, a few scrapes and edge knocks but it is great to see that it is fully intact with its original shamrock embellished brooch suspension pin.