Spare metal spike and other furniture for a World War 1 era German Pickelhaube (1708171bx)


Useful set of furniture for a German picklehaube, ideal for spare parts and for helmet restoration project. See images and detailed description for further information.

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Useful set of metal parts for a pickelhaube. It comprise a Prussian helmet plate, spike and plate for the spike, metal side bosses X 2, metal piping for rear of the pickelhaube.
These all came together from the same source and would have originally been on the same helmet. All pieces are somewhat discoloured and have the appearance of being burnt. This does not affect the quality of the items as all pieces are very sturdy and could be polished or painted to match a helmet.
The Prussian helmet plate is die struck from brass. I’m not sure of the age, the plate seems to be of inferior quality in terms of not being very crisp in its features. However, the set is useful for restoration purposes.
All five round headed split pins are also present.