Super, large sized Piper’s Badge/Officer’s Forage Cap Badge worn by the Leinster Regiment. (1908100)


This is a large sized Prince of Wales plume with gilt coronet and Leinster’s scroll. A good quality die struck possibly silver and gilt badge (but not hall marked or tested for silver content).

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This badge measures about 6.7cms in height by 5.1cms wide. It has three lugs to reverse. The badge was worn by both pipers in the Prince of Wales’es Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians) but was also used by officers of the Regiment on the front of their forage caps. A rarity of a badge this. It is in very good condition with the exception of the (Dien) on the lower right front of the badge which is missing.

A nice original Victorian item that would enhance any Leinster’s collection.