The Illustrated Book of the Military Tattoo and Exhibition. Dublin 1945. (2008063)


This rare publication from the Emergency period in Ireland contains 72 pages of interesting military history, details of the Irish Defence Forces during the 1939/45 era, interesting advertisements etc. The publication is in very good condition with no loose pages.

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The Military Tattoo and Exhibition toook place at the RDS Dublin from August 27th to September 8th 1945.

The forward to the publication was written by Oscar Travnor who at that stage was the Minister for Defence.

The special announcements section is of particular interest as it describes the organisations involved in the preparations for the tattoo. There is an amazing list of personnel (mainly senior army officers) who were members of various organising committees.

Throughout the publication are various historical articles of Irish military interest. The numerous Corps of the Irish Defence Forces are well represented throughout. Advertisements, many of which are tailor made to reflect the military nature of the publication are also spread though the publication.

A great read from a surviving publication that reflects the Irish military tradition as the world moved towards the end of the Second World War.