Third Reich era, German soldier’s “Wound Badge” in silvered zink, maker marked “65” for Klein & Quenzer.(1901005)


This is a World War Two era German – Third Reich – wounde badge. These badges were awared to service personnel who sustained wounds on more than two occasions during the war. Badge has no damage just a nice patina acquired through usage.

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A Verwundetenabzeichen in Silber (silver wound badge) maker marked “65” – this is for the manufacturing company of “Klein & Quenzer AG, Idar-Oberstein”. This particular example was constructed from die struck zinc, this is the base metal that was covered by a silver wash. With the passage of time this badge has become patinated and somewhat presents with a worn but original appearance. However, there is still a considerable amount of silvering remaining on the piece.

The Silver Wound Badge was awarded to those who were wounded three or four times by hostile action, air raids, or frostbite while sustained in the line of duty.

This oval badge has a pin and catch fixing device on reverse. All parts of this item are untouched and authentic and the fixing device is still in good working order.

Guaranteed original, this is not a copy but an original item dating from the World War Two period.