Three editions of An Cosantoir from 1963. (2301003)


1963, An Cosanoirs, with date ranges of May 1963, July 1963 and December 1953. Useful and interesting articles with references to the Congo and the visit of J.F. Kennedy. See descriptions for more information.

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May 1963 Edition: Chief of Staff, Gen. Sean MacEoin inspects troops of E. Company 13th Inf. Bn, troops on their way to the Congo, Guerilla Warfare in Ireland 1919-1921, Soviet and Allied Generalship in World War 2.

July 1963: The American Presidency, Western Europe’s Minutemen, President Kennedy at the Garden of Remembrance, Reflections on the Invasion (World War 2) by a retired German General, the French Expedition to Ireland 1796/97.Some staining to this publication but does not detract from its readability.

December 1963: The roots of Russia, NATO after Cuba and Nassau, Potential Officer’s Class 1962, troops going on UN service, JFK at the Arbour Hill Memorial, In Defence of Montgomery.

In summary these are 3 interesting journals that reflect military life and thought in the early 1960’s. Some of these contemporty thoughts reflect the proximity of World War 2, the early days of U.N service, the visit of JFK and the Cold War.

An interesting read for those interested in Irish military history.