18th Royal Irish Regiment, a Regimentally produeced Christmas Card from circa 1918 -1922. (1901020)


This is a previously used, Royal Irish Regiment, Christmas card from an M.S. Chard sending seasonal greetings to an unknown recipient. Very good condition with lots of regimental details.

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A most interesting Christmas card from the Royal Irish Regiment. The card is just post World War One era. This is evident as internally the card lists all the regimental battle honours from Namur in 1695 right through to France 1914-15-16-17-18.
The card comprises two rectangular pages, the outer being a buff coloured hard card with gold embossed regimental badge of the Royal Irish Regiment and also batallion designation – “2nd. Bn. THE ROYAL IRISH REGt.”

To the left edge of the card is a silk cord with the regimental colours of blue, red and green.

The inside left part of the paper inset page has the battle honours of the Royal Irish Regiment and on the opposite side is the Christmas and New Year greetings.

The card is signed in pencil with the following :- “a/c 2. M.S. Chard”. The card is over 12cms in length by about 9cms in width.

A nice piece of rather unusualy regimental material to Ireland’s oldest regiment.