Royal Irish Fusiliers, badge set in brass and white metal. (2308028)


Nice original set of three Royal Irish Fusiliers badges, comprising cap badge, shoulder title and flaming grenade. World War One era.

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The Royal Irish. Fusiliers cap badge is a particularly nice and early example. Manufactured in bi – metal (both brass and white metal), it is of the type that has the coronet attached to the body of the badge.

The other particularly nice feature of this badge is that it has two sweat holes on the reverse. In the earlier days of badge making, sweat holes were important in the application process of additional metal pieces to bi – metal badges. In the case of this badge, the sweat holes assisted in the application of the white metal eagle to the body of the badge.

The other two items in this set is the “R.I.F.” shoulder title and the brass flaming grenade that was worn above the brass shoulder title.

All three items are original.