Waterford Artillery Militia – a wonderful Officers Mess Fork.(2308029)


Surviving material to the Waterford Artillery or indeed any Irish Militia unit is particularly difficult to find. This is an opportunity to obtain an original piece of Waterford Artillery Militia silver plate, a well marked fork with the engraved crest of the Waterford Artillery.
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In 1855 the Waterford Light Infantry Militia became an Artillery Unit. This piece of regimental silverware dates from this period. By 1885 the Artillery Militia in Waterford became the 6th Brigade, South Irish Division, Royal Artillery.

The handle of the fork has the engraved image of a cannon and underneath is a scroll with the word “WATERFORD”.

On the reverse handle of the fork several hallmarks are to be found. I have not researched these, but suffice to say that the fork dates between 1855 -1885.

My Great Grandfather, served for over 30 years on the permanent staff the sister unit, the Tipperary Artillery Militia. If any reader has any photographs, documents or memorabilia relating to the “Tips” please let me know.