Royal Irish Constabulary: Homage for the Brave – May 1920. (1701074)


An interesting study depicting an injured RIC man shaking hands with a World War One veteran – interesting caption at base.

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This large illustration is taken from an original publication. The top of the picture shows that this was removed from the May 19th edition 1920 of the “Punch or the London Charivari”

Below the image of the RIC man in his uniform and the “Old Contemptible” is the following caption:
Homage to the Brave” the soldier remarks to the RIC man

“Well mate I had to stick it against a pretty dirty fighter but thank God I never had a job quite like yours”

The picture is in excellent condition. It is professionally mounted on a green cardboard frame.

Ideally this could be framed and glazed and would make a great display item. Guaranteed original and dating from 1922.

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