Bar brooch, probably Royal Irish Constabulary or early R.U.C. (1905055)


This is an attractive brooch, bar shaped with an applied silver harp with fine enamel detail. See description and images for more details.

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This very lovely item would make a great addition to a collection. There is little doubt but this item is Irish Police related – a number of collectors have formed this view. That being the case, this pin backed brooch must be either Royal Irish Constabulary of early Royal Ulster Constabulary.
Opinion is divided as to whether the piece is a sweet heart brooch or possiblly a tie pin. My personal ivew is that the brooh is a sweetheart badge, possibly Edwardian or Great War era. While the brooch is not hallmarked, it is most likely silver. In length the pin backed silver bar is 6cms in length.

The silver harp is well made and the crown is enamel filled in red.

A lovely, dare I say unique item, and an interesting part of Irish history.